A brief history

Pharmaceutical Technology Department was founded on 18 June 1984 as a result of the reorganization of Pharmacy department in “Pharmaceutical Organization and Economics Department” and “Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmacognosy Department”. In November 1991, the latter was named the Departament of Pharmaceutical Technology, due to division the discipline into two separate disciplines: Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Botany. Till September 1998 the department was located in the building of Pharmacy Faculty, on the second floor. In September 1998, by the University Senate decision of 19 December 1997, the department moved to the University Pharmacy (St. Nicolae Testemiţanu, 22). Since 1984, Mr. Eugene Diug, PhD in pharmacy, professor is the Head of the Department.

Until now, the department members have published 23 guides, including two manuals, two compendia, two chapters in the tractate on Pharmaceutical Technology (ed. Polirom, Iaşi, 2009), and published 345 scientific works, including 2 monographs and two dictionaries. Pharmacy students have written and defended 164 graduate theses under the guidance of the department leadership. Department members hold 18 patents and 31 licenses for innovation and have developed production techniques for more than 80 pharmaceutics products.

From 1991 until now, thesis for PhD title (prof. Eugen Diug 1995) and theses for title  Doctor (Assoc. Nicolae Ciobanu, 1995; Assoc. Diana Guranda, 1997; Assoc. Alexandru Znagovan, 1997) were defended. At the department PhD doctoral theses were defended by: Adib Shanan, citizen of Syria (1997); Cibotari Silvia (2001); Shdefat of Ramadan, citizen of Jordan (2002); Dorin Crudu (2005 ). Currently 3 members their doctoral studies: Alla M. Fathi Baroud (citizen of Syria), Rodica Solonari and Cristina Ciobanu.

In the last 5 years, 6 specialists have applied for post-university studies in industrial technology of Drugs – with a 4-year program): 4 postgraduates from Syria, 1 from India and 1 from Sudan.

The Pharmaceutical Technology Department collaborates with several research institutes and universities in its research activities and trainings: Institute of Microbiology and Institute of Chemistry of RM, Pharmaceutical Technology Departments of University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Targu Mures (Romania), Technology Department of Pharmaceutical Academy from Kharkov (Ukraine) etc.